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Eye exams for all ages, children welcome


Welcome to Whitehorse Optometrist Inc.   We hope you enjoy your visit to our office as much as we enjoy the privilege of providing your eye care.  
Glasses and Contact lenses, Name Brand

You will find the neighboring optical has excellent pricing and an onsite lab for your convenience.  They carry many popular brands of glasses and contact lenses.

Optometrist, Seniors, Cataracts, Diabetes, Eye care


Whitehorse Optometrist Inc. is 100% locally owned and operated and is independent of the neighboring optical.  This means you will receive your prescription at the end of the exam along with an understanding of any changes or health concerns that have been encountered along the way.  Our business counts on providing you the care you deserve and earning your word of mouth referral.

If you are covered by Non-Insured Health Benefits or Pharmacare, please click on the forms attached for your convenience that you can fill out and send in for approval in advance of your appointment.  (Approval processing time can vary).


We have invested in the technology and tools needed to provide the best care possible.  This includes color retinal photography, optical coherence tomography and visual field testing.  We also have a large supply of current and newly released contact lens trials available.